Sometimes, some things just don’t work out in our favor. Life becomes troublesome, and more is demanded of you each day. You struggle to make ends meet, to keep your family afloat, let alone yourself, and you just feel like giving up—because it’s hardly working anymore.

If this is the case for you, know that giving up isn’t your only option. Take a step back and look at your struggles from a different angle. Look at it as if it’s a mean high school girl; she’ll make high school hell for you, but eventually, high school ends. The trick here is to not let yourself be overcome by the emotions of the hardship, but rather press on towards your goals and successes—your destination is the same, you’re just taking a detour.
So, in moments when life shoves you to a corner, pick yourself back up and say, “no more!” Because moments, where it’s hardly working, are opportunities to work hard, to prove yourself an overcomer.

The circumstances will always change, but you remain the constant, so channel all those emotions you’re feeling into something productive that can pave a way for your success, even if it’s just a little.

Now, just to be clear, this doesn’t mean being busy just to be busy, but rather doing the best you can, to accomplish the most you can, with the one life you’ve got.

Need some help? Well, here’s how to get some perspective to fuel your reinvention:

  • Find the Problem: Analyze your situation and figure out what’s the problem. When you can figure out what’s wrong, you know what to fix.
    Be as patient as you can with the logistics of your situation and as strategic as possible with how you carry this emotional weight. While it’s understandable to feel frustrated, you don’t want to lead with charged emotions, as eventually, emotions run dry. So, take care of yourself, call on your support system, and make sure that you’re getting what you need.

  • Forge a Plan: A key step in forging a new plan is to find clarity in the situation. Reflect, without considering the avalanche of “what-ifs.” Imagine, for a moment, that you can make a consequence-free decision. If that could be the case, how would you move forward?
    Ask yourself: What do I need? Can I make this work, or do I need to pursue a new goal? Is there something else that could be a better fit for you, or do you need to start from scratch? Take the time to figure out what you need.

  •  Move Forward, and Don’t Look Back: Once you have some clarity about how you want to handle your situation, it’s time to act.  Don’t give in to fear. This situation challenges you, but it certainly doesn’t sink you. How you handle this situation matters. You get the chance to prove to yourself that you can overcome this.

    It may be difficult to dig your heels in and forge a new path, but you know some new things about yourself now. So, use those to guide your next endeavor.

    It’s easier said than done; to work hard even when the circumstances aren’t in your favor. But, character, grit, and determination are built through trial, error, and practice. So, leverage this experience as a learning opportunity and a setup for a powerful comeback.

    Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour” — James Clear


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