Sellers Success Stories

I became a member n turned buyer in tis Awesome platform since 2017…Products tht were purchased were not only good bt they were of trustworthy quality.. Hence i knew sellers here definitely hv quality products. So i enrolled as seller on tis CM platform for the past 3yrs plus. As i believe in my products which are affordable👍 price. Support from both buyers and fellow sellers are unbelievable. Its like we have each others back 😍. Tht makes me to keep on giving my trust n keep on selling on this great platform. Manimegalai Mariappan

Ethnic Indianwear Entrepreneur

I registered and placed my advertisement with CARING MOMS a month ago. Since then, I’ve been kept busy with numerous queries and increased orders from this community.

It’s so encouraging to see how far my investment of RM50 took me. In addition to increased sales, I also had the opportunity to attend the Brand and Photography workshop at MaGic. I learned so much from the tips shared by Asia Kuźniacka and stories shared by the guest speakers. Thank you, Shera and  Umesh Narasimhaiah for your continuous efforts in adding value to this community thus increasing our own value too.
I’m definitely continuing my subscription.

Zai Abdullah

Caterer and Baker

My journey on CARING MOMS started almost about one year ago.
I started off as a buyer, admiring all the other moms at what they were able to do, and since everything was Homemade I was buying everything from this platform.
My whole pantry was from CARING MOMS because I trusted Homemade stuff more than what is available in the shops.
I have always loved fashion, hence I started Amarjit’s Closet Designer and got my first order on CARING MOMS.

I am now proud to say that I am a registered client of CARING MOMS. My gratitude goes to the admins of this platform and to all the moms in this platform who have helped me grow together with them.



Closet Designer

Thank you to CARING MOMS. We clients on CM are now, even more, busier, not only do we have to check our messenger and WhatsApp, but our emails as well!

Ever since I became a registered client on CARING MOMS, I got more inquiries and just from the email itself… I got 3 confirm orders within the first week! Also, I’ve noticed that buyers are more confident not only in placing the order but making the deposit payment. Making life so much easier for me now.

Lina Yong


A lot has happened since I joined CARING MOMS. My entry got a lot of support from many moms here. Keraline Joseph, Mich Luvv, Gomathi Mariappan, Datin Angelina, Ruby Jayasuriya are some of the names who gave me the first support.   My confidence was boosted here. My first bazaar, CMJE bazaar, taught me a great deal on how I should present my products. Shera took me on tour on the last day of the bazaar and showed me how important labels and the clear descriptions on them play a role in positioning your products.  NOW I can build my own business, like my own business. Which was not even my wildest dream? An average income I earn in a month has tripled. I can’t thank CARING  MOMS group enough for helping me and other clients to grow steadily.

Since the web ad link is out, I have been so busy…with messenger, WhatsApp, and email. From one product, now I have seven products under my label. I m so driven to inspire homemakers, women, to come out and grab the opportunity here in CARING MOMS.

Revathi Muniandy

Kitchen Remedies

Hi,  I have been in the CARING MOMS group for about a year. I started as an observer, then a buyer and now CARING MOMS client and buyer.

For the first time when I started to sell my item, I felt a bit disappointed because the feedback was not good. But I didn’t give up because I trust this platform. Slowly, I gained some trust n sales. But when all the sellers are required to register as CM Client, I was down again because I am not sure if my sales will be able to cover the fees or not and need not say, to earn. After thinking for a few days, I decided to give it a try. To my amaze, my sales are much better! I am so delighted that I made the right decision! And I can see that the CM team is doing a great work to help both buyers and their clients. This group is really a powerful platform for mummies like me to earn an extra money while taking care of children at home.


Pellyshire Low Mei Yee

Agent for various items

My journey on CARING MOMS started slightly over a year ago. I started off as a timid seller, unsure of what to do and how to post. Slowly gained a few customers who started to have faith in me.
I got my break when I sponsored orange cupcakes for the group’s Deepavali Night. Many gave positive reviews and orders started to come in. I took the next step and registered my business with SSM. From then my days have been occupied. Was extremely busy baking cupcakes and goodies during Christmas, and this year was just amazing as I joined my first bazaar in May and I also added value to my skills by joining the KKM course.

I am now proud to say I am a registered CM client. I don’t say it often enough but Thank you to the admins and all member of this community who has helped me grow together with them.

Yashota Ariacuddy


My journey with CM started in 2016, the year I turned 40 and also the year I decided to quit my job. I’ve worked my whole adult life and have always been good at my work. But after having our baby girl, I could not be a good employee and a good mother at the same time.
At first, I was just a buyer on CM. Too many good food to try and products to buy. After 2 months of buying, I decided to give my crafty skill a try. So I made purses, book covers, and crochet kids apparel. It was sold out every time. Then I made handbags and it’s also Sold out. The ladies kept sending in their orders and are willing to wait. And so I made more.

There’s no turning back. I registered in SSM, named the business after my baby girl, SOPHIA by Shirley, and it’s a growing business.  All my fabrics are carefully sought from Japan.
My business has helped support our family financially and helped me be a businesswoman. All possible because of CM. My life began at 40, thanks to CM. The group Admin have organized many successful bazaars and I’ve been in every one of them. They also regularly post good tips and advises their clients on how to improve sales. CM is truly an amazing community and I’m forever thankful.

Shirley Ong

Handbag Designer

I have a son who I’m still breastfeeding so time is always my biggest challenge. But I told myself I’m gonna make a difference me and my family.

Thank u once again for this great opportunity to be able to post on this platform. Looks like I need to restock my products coz since they are handmade from scratch, I do in small batches as it takes time to produce at home. But I don’t mind doing this till after midnight if every time get great responses – overall very happy

Shamizah Syed Sultan-Rao

Homemade Soap

Review after a month as a registered client. I am really happy that I did register because I really feel there are more of quality n serious of sellers and buyers both.

What is the difference when you register as a client? 1) I personally feel I have more serious buyers now. 2) Increase my sales and inquiry until we have no time to reply which is great. 3) I carry a brand name which is CARING MOMS with pride. People trust you. 4) I am far away from my family. The love, support, and the guidance I get from our admins I can’t express it in words. I really appreciate all your effort regardless Of race or religion you guys go all out to help everyone in the best way you can. So a huge Thank You.

I am a proud REGISTERED Client.

Tahera Mariyam


RM 150 I paid, its the best investment I have done for my business. Honestly until now,  CARING MOMS is the best platform and has helped my business so much. Just a few days after I have registered, I got my first email which was sent from one customer asking for menu and quotation for an event. She saw my ad on CARING MOMS website. I am thankful to CARING MOMS and I wish to grow together with CARING MOMS.

Tengku Syazariah


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