Why CSR?

CARING MOMS is your ideal CSR implementation partner because we are committed to serve, educate and empower underserved communities in Malaysia. We work towards transforming communities to develop their true potential through various education and social empowerment programs.

  •  800++ caterers  certified through our Food Safety and  Handling Certification Program by the Ministry of Health
  • 1000 ++ members trained on Business Mastery, Skill Building and Compliance Training
  • RM 3000 average monthly income per individual upon coaching and mentoring
  • 2000++ income earning opportunities created over 3 years

How our CSR Partner benefits

As a CSR Partner, CARING MOMS  offers 

Branding Visibility and Public Image: To improve our CSR partners public image and relationship with end users. 

Media Coverage: Having a strong CSR program can increase the chances of our CSR partners getting news coverage with strong stories in the communities.

 Measurable CSR output: CARING MOMS able to deliver measurable outputs after the implementation of the CSR program. ROI is presented easily through our proven system. 

Who Can be Our CSR Partners?

Any individual or organization who are passionate about taking part in social and economic impact and working in partnership with local communities

Suggested Programs for CSR Partners

  1. Various Empowerment and Motivational Programs which delivers social value and inspire people to take action
  2.  Buying for Impact
  3.  Skills Development


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