CARING MOMS Subscription Packages

CONGRATULATIONS on Your First Step to Empowerment! We have significantly expanded our CARING MOMS community over time since  2016. 

We continue to believe CARING MOMS offers the best value and is one of the most impactful, transformational platform for women to do a viable business.

We believe in building and nurturing long term partnerships. We seek partners who want to grow their business with us.  CARING MOMS is empowered to move forward, by introducing PARTNERS  in our network. Please click here to become a PARTNER.

To invest more in our Clients’ success

We are focused on:

Bringing more Buyers

–  Increased Marketing Spend

– Utilising online and offline channels

Building New Opportunities

– Through new initiatives like Caring Partners

– Providing business insights

Focusing on Continuous Earnings

– Forging stronger customer relationships

– Generating long term profits

Jump-start your business on CARING MOMS

Whether you want to sell products or services, information or advice, you have a brick and mortar business, or you’d like to be totally virtual, CARING MOMS will help you get started the right way. Through CARING MOMS marketplace you can fully leverage your online presence.

Subsidised Ads Program

  • 1. CM Subsidised Ads Programme helps CARING Entrepreneurs drive more sales by offering a one off subsidied ads rate of RM399 for the entire year without the hassle of monthly renewal for a discount from 50 to 90%.
  • 2. Participating CARING Entrepreneurs will only have to make a one off payment of RM399 which will cover Date of Registration to 31st Dec.
  • 3. CARING Entrepreneurs who opt-in for this Subsidised Ads Program will have to periodically conduct some cross promotion for the parties that are sponsoring the subsidies as a joint collaboration on a win-win basis.
  • 4. Marketing benefits for Participating CARING Entrepreneurs: Participating CARING Entrepreneurs enjoy 365 days marketing exposure to boost visibility and sales traffic at a low ads rate standard for all.
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CM Established

  • Access to a readily available market of 60,000 direct buyers and a reach of 400,000.
  •  Join as Partner

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Who should sign up for CM Established ?
  • Restaurants / Cafes / Franchisor & Franchisee
  • Farm produce / Orchards produce, seafood sellers, etc
  • Catering Capacity of 500 pax (home-base), 1000 pax (Central Kitchen) and above with full set-up
  • Bakers / Party Planners with shops
  • Financial Planners – Insurance, Trust funds, etc
  • Companies – eg Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents
  • Event organizers for events at hotels, rented facility, other facilities other than own home
  • Brand Owners, Resellers & MLM Agents, and stockist with shops
  • Maid Agencies/Cleaning Services Home Maintenance ( Aircond / Piping / Plumber/Electrical, Renovations)
  • Home furnishing ( Curtains / Wallpaper)
  • Agents / Distributors with multiple product brands
  • Homestays, NGOs
  • Professional Services – Non-Home-Based ( Accounting, Tax, Legal, Technology )
  • Training Courses / Workshops – Non-Home-Based
  • Any business, services including or promoting MEN ie Electrical, Plumbing, Rainbow Cleaning Services
  • Business operating not in their own home
  • Sales of any  vouchers

*** The above list is a guide. If in doubt of your category, please message with Support or check the FAQ

CM Agents

  • Access to a readily available market of 60,000 direct buyers and a reach of 400,000.
  • Join as Partner 

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Who should sign up for CM Agents?
  • Resellers, Distributors, Brand Representatives of factory produced products irrespective if local or imported, food or non-food based. (eg. Food-Based – Ikan Bilis, Repackage food item, etc. Non-food soap powder, jewelry, and accessories, household items, Toys, Essential Oil, clothing, footwear, etc)
  • Drop Ship
  • Group Buy
  • Personal Shoppers, Re-packers
  • Manicure & Make- Up artist WITH MORE THAN ONE IN A TEAM
  • Repackers
  • Homemade Home-based businesses with helpers/maids/staff

*** The above list is a guide. If in doubt of your category, please message Support or check the FAQ.

CM Homemade

  • Access to a readily available market of 60,000 direct buyers and a reach of 400,000.
  • Join as Partner

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Who should sign up for CM Homemade?
  • All homemade products and services run and operated by ONE person
  • For catering, up to 49 pax
  • Own preloved items
  • Home garage sales

*** The above list is a guide. If in doubt of your category, please message Support or check the FAQ.

CM2U Live

  • 1. Max 4 Live sessions
  • 2. Engage with people around the world
  • 3. Increase Customer Engagement
  • 4. Sell Products Live
  • 5. For Non-Registered CARING Entrepreneurs, price is RM 199/month
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Please note, Food Safety and  Handling certification and typhoid injection are mandatory for Food Sellers/Handlers.

If you are not certified yet, please, enroll now in one of the upcoming courses.


1. How many categories of subcriptions are available?
  1. CM Established for established Businesses/Companies
  2. CM Agents for Non-Homemade Products and Services
  3. CM Homemade for homemade products and services run by individuals
2. Once I made payment and registered, do I have to wait for approval?

No. It is added instantly to the Classifieds  Listing on our website.

3. How to check where my ad link is posted?

It is listed instantly once payment is done. To check your ad, please click on Classifieds.

4. Can a CARING Entrepreneur still BID on the group without subscription?


5. Why subcribe to the packages?
  1. Become a verified & registered CARING Entrepreneur on CARING MOMS
  2. Access to a huge target market
  3. Save time and money on FB ads, Google Ads or various paid ads
  4. Proven record of high traction and engagement
  5. Enhance buyers confidence
  6. Verified products reviews
  7. Increase the market reach of a product

6. If I am not sure which package, what do I need to do?
  1. Contact admins
  2. Message Support on this website
7. What if products are from two categories i.e resellers and homemade?

The higher subscription category will prevail

8. Is there a contract commitment or can I drop out when I like?

No commitment package. But during that period of no subscription, you are not allowed to post, reviews, tag, be recommended, get any jobs, etc. Your advertisement will also be removed from the page.

CARING MOMS platform has opened up doors and opportunities for me. I’ve engaged with new customers that helped my business grow.

Devi Nath

Long Term Subscriber, Catering

CARING MOMS has created a great platform for us to expand our business opportunity.

Cindy and Allan

Loyal Subscriber, Construction and Renovation

I get more highlights and advertisements for my product through CARING MOMS platform.

Ayu Lestary

Registered Subscriber, Catering

My business got greater reachability through  Caring Mom platform. My revenues double and that already speaks volume.

Sue Lee


Buyers are more likely to conclude their purchase when trustworthiness and quality are associated with CARING MOMS branding

Jasmine Yoong

Sliming Product Agent

Today It’s Your Turn!


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