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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

1. Why subcribe to the packages?
  • Become a verified & registered Entrepreneur on CARING MOMS
  • Access to a huge target market
  • Save time and money on FB ads, Google Ads or various paid ads
  • Proven record of high traction and engagement
  • Enhance buyers confidence
  • Verified products reviews
  • Increase the market reach of a product
2.How many categories of subcriptions are available?
  1. CM Established for established Businesses/Companies
  2. CM Agents for Non-Homemade Products and Services
  3. CM Homemade for homemade products and services run by individuals
3. What if products are from two categories i.e resellers and homemade?
The higher subscription category will prevail
4. I sell Food. Which subscription category do I belong to?

A: CM Homemade: I make everything myself at home. If catering, my daily capacity is 50. I don’t have staff.

B. CM Agent: I make everything myself at home. If catering, my daily capacity is 150. I have a maid/helper

C: CM Established: I make everything myself at home. If catering, my daily capacity from 150 to 1000. I have the staff to help. I could own a restaurant. My husband is a big part of my business. Business is a family run or partnership. Everyone involved has food handling certification. I sometimes collaborate with third-party providers and other moms.

5. What's the criteria to sell Food item?
To sell Food, must do Food handling course and take a thyphoid injection. Register here caringmoms.my/events
6. What's the criteria to sell non food item?
  • If you’re a staff of a company and representing them to sell, CM Established.
  •  If it’s your husband’s business, CM Established.
  • If it’s your online store, CM Established.
  • If you’re a reseller or agent, CM Agent.
  • If you’re a general products personal shopper, CM Agent
  • If you’re a branded goods personal shopper CM Established
  • If I have my own clients who I cater for more than 50, but for CARING MOMS I just cater 50 pax, which category…CM ESTABLISHED
  • If you are a sole distributor, CM Established
  • If you are promoting a family run business, CM Established
  • If you selling MLM products & Recruiting downlines, CM Established
  • If you buy your products from supplier & resell, CM Agent
  • If you buy other homemade products made by small industries & resell, CM Agent
  • If you provide services & product products. For e.g makeup artist but you also promote makeup products, CM Agent
  • If you provide services not in your home or client home, for example, makeup, tuition, enrichment classes, CM Agent
  • If you promote classes/workshops or centers, CM Established
  • If you promote events, CM Established
  • If you do surprise gifts without your own homemade products but only by adding balloons/flowers/ hampers &products by others, CM Agent
  • If you have KKM food handling & typhoid jab & able to do small catering below 50 pax. But for extra income, you are also a dropship seller. Include both under CM Agent
  • If you have a child care center/ tuition center CM Established
  • If you have a beauty parlor/saloon/space premises, CM Established
  • If you promote trainers/chefs, CM Established
  • If you have a home store CM Established
  • If you run a business from home but your product is factory produced & packaged with your branding ( brand owner) CM Established
7. Once I know my category, where do I register?
8. What are the key steps to register as an Entrepreneur on CARING MOMS Website?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Once payment completed you will receive a copy of link via email

Step 4

9. Will my advert be automaticaly posted of the fb group?

No adverts are published on the CM website. Registered Entrepreneurs will need to post on fb.com/groups/caringmoms.my

10. How to renew my advert?
If you have logged in the website prior to creating your advert, there will be an option to auto-renew in your account dashboard. If no renew option is available then to you need to create a new advert. This is the advantage of creating your advert after logging into the website.
11. How do I change/edit my advert info?

Log in to the CARING MOMS website, and check ads dashboard. You will be able to edit the adverts listed.

Note: Advert will only appear if you logged in to your account first & then create the advert

12. What happens if I can not edit my advert?

Please message to CARING MOMS FB page m.me/caringmoms.my to get a payment link & provide the information on changes needed. The technical team will process the change.

A penalty of RM50 for advert changes will be charged.

13. Is there a contract commitment or can I drop out when I like?

No commitment package. But during that period of no subscription, you are not allowed to post, reviews, tag, be recommended, get any jobs, etc. Your advertisement will also be removed from the page.

14. Can a seller still BID on the group without subscription?
15. What next?

If you still have questions, please pm the Support during our Operation Hours. Please note, there will be no refund on registration of the wrong category.

Enjoy Your  Entrepreneurial Journey with our huge readily available target audience in our Marketplace which begins NOW!


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