KUALA LUMPUR, 17 March 2020 – Considering the COVID-19’s outbreak in Malaysia, CARING MOMS decided to call off the physical bazaar planned in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The safety and health of the public were much too important than to think of short term income.

With the bazaar called off, CARING MOMS decided to create ‘Women’s Day E Bazaar’ which is short for electronic bazaar from 6-16 March 2020. How would it even work?
E Bazaar would be an online interactive platform for sellers and shoppers to interact with one another
The interaction would take place in real-time where buyers can participate from anywhere. As long as they have a mobile phone/tablet/computer with them with internet service.

The great thing about E Bazaar is:

  • Sellers can showcase their product/service from wherever they are 
  • Shoppers can ask questions with sellers answering them immediately
  • Shoppers joined in from different regions of Malaysia and even internationally from Dubai, UK, Singapore, and the USA. 
  • Shoppers can almost immediately order and purchase their items of preference. 

The Women’s Day E Bazaar had 42 registered sellers who participated with products/services ranging from skincare, chewy brownies/cookies, home-cooked food caterers, healthy balls (yes you read that, right), facial services, bath bombs, make up demos, clothing, fashion accessories. 

Schedules for the seller’s Facebook live sessions would be posted in advance. This allows shoppers to know the varied topics and products that would be discussed. Caterers would have live cooking sessions while skincare sellers would illustrate what makes their homemade products worthwhile to venture into. There are door to door facial services and home spa products to pamper yourself during this time of Movement Control Order. It’s not always we have the chance to stay at home for 2 weeks. Might as well mint every moment of it.  

What if I missed the seller’s Facebook live session? No worries. CARING MOMS would post the replays and the links to the respective Facebook live session would be made available. Or you can simply search for E – Bazaar on @Jobs for CARING MOMS Malaysia and check out the available sellers and deals. You just might be able to grab flash sales or promo deals exclusive to the Women’s Day E Bazaar. 

The results from Women’s Day E Bazaar have ensured business as usual for the home-based mompreneurs which is a tremendous success. A whopping RM141,410 sales revenue was recorded for the 11-day E Bazaar. The Women’s Day E Bazaar proved to be an economic breakthrough in the trying times of the COVID-19. Cheers to the underserved women who pushed beyond their comfort zone and making the E Bazaar a milestone in CARING MOMS! To many more economic breakthroughs to come!


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