KUALA LUMPUR, 12 Feb 2020: CARING MOMS ACADEMY. An eye opener to Empowerment.

A one-day Kickstarter Programme, HOW TO START AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS FROM HOME is a monthly course aimed at changing and building an entrepreneurial mindset of women.

As in the previous sessions, this session again serves as an eye-opener to those who attended. The fact that each and every one of these 21 women were given an opportunity to not only present her product but more importantly could speak her doubts and address her fears without being mocked at or dismissed, opened the floodgates for sharing and morales were immediately boosted from the outstart.

The facilitator, Shera makes the effort to listen through to every individual, gave her comments and recommendations. She willingly shared her ideas through her own experiences. This open willingness to share across the different backgrounds and experiences sets the tone for a friendly and positive and environment. Some of the ladies found this to be refreshing and motivating, an environment very much different from the corporate world they were used to. Having left their comfort zones in the corporate world to venture into a new of entrepreneurship, these once- confident career women suddenly found themselves ‘lost and bewildered’. Trying to strike a balance between their roles as a stay at home mothers and the hidden inner yearning of earning their own income and carving an identity of their own can sometimes be overwhelming. Some of these yearnings end up being just that – – a hidden dream. The purpose of the course is to guide these yearnings to come into being, to polish the diamond in the rough to become a shining gem with its own unique identity. The ENTREPRENEUR.

These women started as strangers but left as friends, ‘partners in crime’ and some, leaders in their own right. The camaraderie formed will last their whole lifetime. New entrepreneurs were formed that day, once doubtful but now Empowered.

Feeling a nudge? ACT ON IT… Sign up for the next session here https://caringmoms.my/events-home/


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