Butter – that word is synonymous to a bountiful treasure of taste, creaminess, and all-round experience to better cooking. However, butter is noted to contain high levels of fat and calories. There are claims that butter can cause cholesterol levels to rise up, which can lead to blocked arteries as well.

In short, it has taken a bad rap in the last decade or so and this has led to many switching over to margarine as a supposedly “safer” choice. Margarine is produced using vegetable oils, thus it contains unsaturated “good” fats which help decrease “bad” cholesterol.

Butter, however, is produced using animal fat, so it contains saturated fat. Is this the end of butter then? Not really; according to the U.S Daily Recommended Allowances (USRDA), one tablespoon of butter provides the following nutrients:
Calories: 102
Total fat: 11.5 grams
Vitamin A: 11% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
Vitamin E: 2% of the RDI
Vitamin B12: 1% of the RDI
Vitamin K: 1% of the RDI

Butter also contains a good amount of Vitamin A and E. That is not all as butter also contains properties that may fight cancer and improve digestive health.

When it comes to cooking, and more specifically baking, there is no contest when it comes to the end result. By using butter instead of margarine, your cakes are softer, your cookies are crispier, and nothing compares to the rich buttery taste that comes from your cakes and cookies. Pastries made with butter enables them to melt in the mouth which in turn gives it a creamy effect.

In summary, when it comes to baking, butter really takes the cake. It provides a great flavor and texture due to the fat it contains. Margarine can likewise be used for baking as well, however, it doesn’t have as much of a nice flavor as butter does. The ones with the fattest content are best for baking otherwise your pastries will become hard.

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