Have many people have always aspired to own their own business? Now how many people have been put off by the sometimes huge investment that you would need to get the business off the ground? Businesses without risks is a ludicrous though, or is it? There is one business model that has taken many to get started with their own business whilst minimizing or completely zero-ing the risks involved. That business model is called Drop Shipping. It is a model that was borne out of the age of the internet and as of 2017, 23% of the total online business revenue has come out of this model, this translates to $85 billion!

Below are 8 reasons why dropshipping could be your choice to embark on your own business adventure.

  1. Sourcing of products
    There is no need to buy in bulk from suppliers or purchase from selected markets. Dropshipping allows you access to the world with numerous suppliers catering to your customers every need. You can also choose to only purchase what you need and no need to buy in bulk.
  2. Storage of stock
    There is no need to keep tons of stock with drop shipping as the products stay with the manufacturer until you make the order.
  3. Item delivery
    There is no need to hassle with going to the post office or courier company as most if not all dropshipping manufacturers will provide the order fulfillment from their end. Just provide the customer’s details and they will do the rest of the work.
  4. Photography and product description
    You are able to import all the pertinent information of the product by importing it off the manufacturer’s website. No copywriting needed
  5. Business grows with you
    Because of the nature of how dropshipping works, as your business grows, there is no limit to how many items and products you would like to sell on your online shopping site. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers who are willing to work with you.
  6. Minimal investment
    Basically all you need to invest in is in your marketing and things like a platform to sell from, and a PC/smartphone. It’s all you need to get going.
  7. Low running cost
    HR? Warehouse? Shopkeeper? You don’t need all these with drop shipping.
  8. Ability to work from anywhere
    With just an internet connection, you can run your business from anywhere around the world. Your online business will still keep chugging along, all you need to do is keep an eye on it and you’re good to go.


Dropshipping is an exciting business model that is growing year by year and give it a try, it might be the growth that you are looking for.


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