Gifts, just the thought of it can bring fear or excitement depending on who you are. Yes, it can be fun in trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one but there can be frustrations ahead. “What if he already has ten mugs?”, “Now does she like red or blue?”, “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind another baby soap set for their new-born, or would they?”There is a solution to this conundrum which is to get them a unique or personalized gift! I meanI’m sure there are tons of Darth Vader masks, but there is only one colored with the Malaysian flag all around it. Here below are 5 best unique gifts to consider the next time you are wracking your brain to find the perfect gift to give.

  1. Smartphone Vase Holder
    Who says smartphone vases need to be just a plain-looking holder. Combining the beauty of a vase and the modern need of a holder and dock, this unique gift is a perfect gift for those who are in need of style and practicality.
  2. Personalized Wooden Pen Set
    A pen is still sought after even in the age of notes being typed into phones and tablets. Nothing beats holding a beautifully crafted pen and what more with it being personalized with your name on it.
  3. Convertible Travel Pillow and Scarf
    A travel pillow is a heaven-sent, especially for long distances as it helps support the neck and, provides better comfort which allows you to actually sleep well. The downside, however, is the embarrassment of it being on your neck when you walk off the plane or bus with constant stares raining down on you for your fashion faux pas! This can come to an end with the pillow converting into a scarf easily. Strut down the immigration lane like a model!
  4. Personalized Children’s Books
    Reading is a wonderful way for your child to build imagination, their word skills, and a good way to take them off the smartphone. Now imagine that instead of reading about seeing Jack run, they can see their own names in the books and hence be part of the story! Let them be the star and they will love it.
  5. Silicone Reusable Drinking Straws
    With tons of plastic being dumped on our planet Earth and many animals (and humans)being affected by the waste, many governments around the world are starting to ban plastic items and recently Malaysia has followed suit with plastic straws. A good way to teach the young ones about caring for the environment is by using reusable drinking straws instead. Whatmore, these straws come in many different colors and designs.

Gifts can be a great avenue to build friendships and cement the love between loved ones. By using a little creativity and research skills (some we have done for you above), you can turn the dread to fun in gift finding. Another great avenue to look for these kinds of gifts is by using CARING MOMS as they have many talented women who specialize in personalized and unique gifts, from personalized cupcakes to personalized magnets, to awesome party packs. Do check out ​here or ​ here to look for what you need, or comb through numerous sellers and service providers who only offer the best.


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