In our society, there are millions of women who are neglected by their spouses and aren’t empowered enough to take care of themselves and their children. Such women have no choice but to live toxic, depressed, and anxious lives with their abusive spouses.

CARING MOMS launched the ADOPT-A-MOM Program to help all underprivileged women who are living in a marriage just because they are helpless and have no other choice. In this program, contributors will be adopting a mother or a divorced woman by providing them facilitation that will encourage these women to make a decent livelihood. Our focus in this initiative is to build a place where suppressed women can be cherished and surrounded by a safe and positive environment.

The ADOPT-A-MOM project will be a program that will help the abused and divorced moms to learn entrepreneurial skills and it will also cover the basic education of such mothers. We will be channeling 10% of these funds in the CSR Funds to financially support women who need funds for legal aids. The project will cover the following:
✓ 9 Ebooks designed for Homebased and Female Entrepreneurship to get her started valued at RM550
✓ Guidance on our education and coaching platform valued at RM950
✓ Online Baking Speciality Bakes Program valued at RM59.90 together with Complementary 10 cookbooks access
✓ 3 months startup package to start selling on CARING MOMS – Homemade valued at RM150
✓ 24/7 Support for guidance
✓ 24 Hours Divorce Careline

Be a contributor for women in need:

To apply as a recipient:


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