SINGAPORE, 17 AUGUST ⁠— CARING MOMS CEO, Major (Retired) Shera Ann Bosco was awarded the ‘Asia’s Women Leaders Award’ at the 10th CMO Asia Awards 2019, held on August 16th at Pan Pacific, Singapore.

Attended by participants from 39 countries, Shera achieved such recognition in honor for her outstanding achievements and professionalism in the area of leadership development in CARING MOMS.

The award recognized particular contributions by an individual who has made a difference to the profession, industry and the community at large. Among some of the recipients were women leaders from Maybank, Deloitte, Digitas and Affin Bank.

Women Leadership Excellence Award 2019
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“It’s a humbling experience and a validation to know that what we do here is creating impact and changing lives”, Shera says.

In receiving her award, Shera regarded all her success towards the CARING MOMS community. Recalling her journey in starting CARING MOMS, Shera felt that mothers were often side-lined in the business world. Holding firm to her beliefs that mothers have more impact than society is willing to give them, Shera pursued a way for its members to focus on their kids while building small business empires as well.


Believing women to be change-makers and knowing that many of these mothers needed a second income motivated Shera to provide this platform for them, aiming to explore and develop a woman’s full potential to contribute towards the household and the economy.

“With the rise of childcare, and the modern-day theory of mothers to play a more active role in the development of the children, more women are opting to be full-time mothers. But we cannot deny that they still need to be financially independent. So, the future for mothers would be to create a sustainable business right in the confines of their home, and the flexibility to care for their children,” she explained

Envisioning growth and sustainment for the community, Shera added that, “We hope to achieve our big goal of creating 50,000 income-earning opportunities for women across the region of Asia. We also plan to grow the team to be able to scale the efforts and impact,” when asked what her plans for the organization were within the next 2 years.

Shera’s ability in empathizing and understanding the needs of the people, made her realize the need for a support system, which focuses on the mothers’ needs, the importance of building-up resources, and the need to create a conducive atmosphere where mothers can support and motivate one another.

“With most of our projects involving coaching and mentoring especially motivational, branding, marketing, and various business acumen skills, we’ve realized that people need these basic business skills to keep them empowered and confident about running a business”, she further elucidates.

Under her capable and dynamic leadership, alongside her passionate team and community, CARING MOMS has grown to develop an estimate of 2,000 entrepreneurs while amassing 82,000 members within 3 years with a waiting list numbering of more than 50, 000.

With every success paving the way towards the community’s growth, Shera noted that “Being awarded also means our responsibilities and accountability increases and we just need to work more to leverage on this and create more impact”.

Women Leadership Excellence Award 2019-3
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From developing job seekers to job creators, this award helps Shera and her team validate their vision and mission towards the mompreneurial community in Malaysia.

For more information on CARING MOMS, or for partnership inquiries, please message Support.



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