ADOPT-A-MOM Recipient Request


ADOPT A MOM PROGRAM RECIPIENTS will receive the following:
✓ 9 Ebooks designed to get her started for Homebased and Female Entrepreneurship valued at RM550
✓ Guidance on our education and coaching platform valued at RM950
✓ Online Baking Specialty Bakes Program valued at RM59.90 together with Complementary 10 cookbooks access
✓ 3 months startup package to start selling on CARING MOMS – Homemade valued at RM150
✓ 24/7 Support for guidance
✓ 24 Hours Divorce Careline

This is open to all women, all religions, all races in Malaysia.

Applicants that are approved will be notified and will need to complete the following

  1.  Request access for ebook and Coaching by messaging “B40” to m.me/femalesupportnetwork
  2.  Request access for the baking program by messaging “B40” to m.me/createhomebakery
  3. Register as a seller on message B40 to m.me/caringmoms.my
  4.  For food-related business, you are kindly requested to attend the food handling course and typhoid injection at your own cost

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