KUALA LUMPUR, 18 SEPTEMBER 2019 — The commencement of the Anchor Legendairy 133rd Celebration marks the formal launch of the CARING MOMS partnership with Anchor Food Professionals.

The three (3) month partnership with the entrepreneurial home-grown platform brings forth a new opportunity for home bakers to grow in-line with CARING MOMS’ and Anchor Food Professionals’ aim to create sustainable micro-businesses.

The twenty (20) selected “Anchor Dairy Endorsed Bakers” were showcased during the media launch on Wednesday, with an arrangement of their delicious assortment of baked goods.

A Legendary Partnership
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CARING MOMS was started in April 2016 by two individuals with the aim of creating an ecosystem for the targeted disadvantaged and displaced individuals in the community to develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills.

CARING MOMS is now an entrepreneurial development platform that connects mothers and women alike to a network of individuals and corporations, providing them access to a wide range of opportunities, skills, and guidance, empowering them to be economically independent. We strive to provide a safe environment for mothers to transact, learn, interact, and gain support to start-up and mature their businesses.

Find out more on the Anchor Legendairy Celebration http://bit.ly/anchorlegendairycm

For more information on CARING MOMS and for partnership inquiries, please message Support.

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