The Star: Kuala Lumpur Friday, 04 September 2020 – Metro News

DURING the first two phases of the movement control order (MCO), many businesses, shops, and outdoor stalls in Malaysia were forced to stop operations and consequently suffered losses. This led to many people losing their sources of income.

Others either lost their jobs or had their salaries cut as companies struggled to manage their finances.

Although the situation has improved during the recovery MCO, many people are still finding it difficult to make ends meet. In view of this challenging condition, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) decided to step up and help women and mothers whose lives were made more challenging of late. The utility giant collaborated with CARING MOMS in a program to help guide women and single mothers to start their own business online while providing a platform for other Malaysians to find and buy their products.

Twenty candidates were selected from among those mothers who had to close their business despite being the breadwinner of the family, or those whose husbands lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

CARING MOMS worked closely with the candidates to provide training on how to conduct business online, promote their products, identify ways to attract more traffic, and gain access to more buyers. Even after the training, CARING MOMS continued to evaluate their progress.

The businesses include selling accessories, baby food, and organic hair oil.

“I thank TNB and CARING MOMS for guiding us throughout this Women to Power program, as this project provided an opportunity for me to support my family,” said one candidate.

The women were grateful for the knowledge gained and glad that they now had a sustainable income to support their families.

TNB stated that the company believed in helping people to find sustainable avenues to earn an income.

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