May 20, 2017- PETALING JAYA — It was fitting that the Caring Moms Day Health Carnival was held during Mother’s Day weekend recently. Not only was it held in support of women entrepreneurs, it was also the first of its kind in promoting health and wellness among mothers – Healthy Moms, Healthy Families.

The carnival held at Sunway Nexis was organized by support Facebook group Caring Moms, an online platform set up to economically empower mothers. It saw more than 200 stalls offering everything from food and handmade bags to beauty products.

Caring Moms co-founder Umesh Narasimhaiah, 36, said the theme “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families”, was to impress upon mothers the importance of staying healthy, which will in turn enable them to raise healthy families.

“Society has high expectations of mothers in taking care of the kids and their households, whether they are working or otherwise.”

“Our event today not only provides opportunities but it also boosts the confidence of the women, aside from addressing their health matters.”

Umesh said Caring Moms has about 63,000 members with another 30,000 more pending approval to join the group.

“We screen our members thoroughly to ensure they are genuine about wanting to join the group,” he said, adding the event was also held to mark the group’s first anniversary on April 13.

Credits: Malay Mail


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