I am Amarjit Sran, a retired teacher sharing my life-changing experience.
I started teaching when I was 24 after completing my Bachelor Of Arts in Social Sciences and my Diploma Of Education from the University of Malaya.I took optional retirement in the year 2014 because I couldn’t give my best anymore, my mom had been in hospital for 2 back surgeries and I had been taking care of her and a few other issues had gotten me really down and I found it hard to concentrate in school anymore, work had become a burden and not a pleasure any more so much so that my performance was suffering badly and I really couldn’t go on anymore so I thought it was just best to opt-out. At that time I had no plans for the future except for some trust in God that things will work out.

In March the following year, my daughter got married and I was kept very busy with the preparations for her wedding.

After that, I was asked by my husband to help manage his office so I was doing that until my grandson came along.

So that became my routine, office, taking care of my mom and grandson twice a week, but I still had time on my hands and wanted to do more especially since I really loved my crafts which were my hobby.

It was my daughter who first introduced me to CARING MOMS  thinking that maybe it would be an avenue to consider if I wanted to sell my crafts.

I asked to join as a buyer as I was very fascinated with all the homemade stuff. I bought a whole lot of everything from here simply because I love homemade and I felt really happy that I could do my part and support the wonderful and hardworking moms here. And then after a while, I thought that well I could also sell something to pay for what I was buying, I had always loved crafts since I was young and I had actually already started my own page doing makeovers of clothes, bags, and shoes called Amarjit’s Closet Designer. I did a lot of makeovers for clothes then but not in  CARING MOMS, more on my page.

I put these up together with my pins, clips, hair bows, and brooches and started getting sales and from there I moved onto selling my crafts and reselling in between as I had found a good supplier.

My clothes makeover was a hit on CARING MOMS when I put up a post of the short red dress that I managed to lengthen but it didn’t really catch on, I was reselling more than anything else.

I am always exploring new ideas and crafts and one day I put up a post on scrapbooking when I was putting my photos together into a scrapbook and got many moms who wanted me to make scrapbooks and also photobooks and these days this keeps me occupied but I still want to improve and learn.

So I attended the Food Safety and Handling course and keep a lookout on whatever else I can attend for my own betterment, for example, I learned how to make party packs from scratch, diaper cakes, flower arrangement, balloon bouquets. I am always learning from books, you tubes, attending classes and watching shows that teach crafts.

I volunteered first to learn about the bazaars organized by this platform before participating in my first bazaar and there was no turning back for me.

I have met a lot of wonderful moms on this platform and I have made some wonderful friends, I continue to support and help out whenever I can.

These days I do key chains, button badges, hampers, party packs, surprise deliveries, diaper cakes, scrapbooks, photo books and lots more and the satisfaction that I get is the smile on my customers face. it means the world to me. For me, excellent service is very important.

I never imagined that finally I am creating memories for many people through my hobby and passion but this had been made possible by this wonderful platform.

I am very grateful for whatever CARING MOMS has given me. I get a lot of repeat orders. I get a lot of good comments from all my customers but I have made mistakes as well. However, I never look at it as a setback.

There was a time just last month when I was dealing with some issues and forgot to make a delivery. I had actually hurt my toe as well from a fall, all that put together I totally forgot a delivery and was really ashamed of myself. I made it up to my customer but I made notes in my little book on what exactly happened and how it should never happen again.

So I look at mistakes as a learning point and never give up. I hope I will be able to go on selling on CARING MOMS for as long as I can.

Thank you to all of you who support me and to the admins from whom I have learned so much.

–  Amarjit Sran
   Retired Teacher, Memory Maker


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