China press – October  Yang Qiaoshuang -Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Women, Family and Social Development of Malaysia launched the opening ceremony of the Deepavali Market held by CARING MOMS.

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The Star – October 29, 2018: Yang Qiaoshuang(with scarf) trying out Indian snacks at the launch of Great Indian Deepavali Baazar by Caring Moms at Sunway Nexis in Kota Damansara. — Low Boon Tat/The Star

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Selangor Journal – October 29, 2018: CARING MOMS: A WOMEN-EMPOWERMENT PLATFORM

In a bid to help stay-at-home mothers and low income earning women, CARING MOMS, the entrepreneurial development organization that has been helping mothers channel their talents into profitable small businesses, organized the GREAT INDIAN DEEPAVALI BAZAAR on October 27th and 28th, 2018 from 10 am to 7 pm.

The event was held at Sunway Nexis and launched by our honorable Deputy Minister of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, YB Hannah Yeoh who witnessed more than 100 empowered mothers, selling all kinds of treats, from delicious home cooked meals, snacks and desserts to handmade decorations and artisanal items to commemorate the festivities.

“We started CARING MOMS to empower women, especially mothers who have had to quit their jobs so that while they are busy taking care of their children, they can explore growing their hobbies into little businesses,” said Mejar Shera Ann Bosco, the Founder and a retired Major of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

“It is also a place where Malaysians can enjoy local delicacies prepared lovingly at home,” she said.

The event was a great success bringing close to 40,000  visitors on both days. Other than booths, visitors were entertained by cultural shows, kids activities, game shows and so on.

 Credits: China Press,The Star,Selangor Journal



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