PETALING JAYA, 23 MAY 2019 — CARING MOMS, the well-known “mompreneur” social enterprise organized its signature Health Carnival for the 3rd consecutive year at Sunway Nexis from the 22nd to 23rd June 2019. The tagline for this year’s carnival was “A Mother’s Health Is A Family’s Wealth”. According to CEO of CARING MOMS, Major [Retired] Shera Ann Bosco, the aim of the carnival was to show how empowering mothers of all ages and ethnicities to stay healthy physically, mentally and financially will lead to a family’s wealthy well-being.

Officiated by Tunku Maziah Tunku Mukhtar, owner of Nyla Sdn Bhd who has been a stalwart supporter of CARING MOMS since its inception three years ago, this transformative event sought an estimated 42,000 supporters from all over Malaysia with more than 200 moms and corporate vendors selling memorable gifts, services, keepsakes, and specialized homemade goodies.

Mothers Health Familys Wealth
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With various activities held throughout the 2-day event, such as a coloring competition, Zumba sessions, and a beauty pageant, the event never ceased to entertain the crowd while instilling valuable lessons on the importance of keeping fit both mentally and physically.

Through this carnival, many mothers have been given the opportunity to not only stay healthy but to become financially independent through their own bazaar sales.

With some mothers being on the brink of despair, the CARING MOMS platform has enabled an avenue of hope that has emotionally and financially uplifted their family. Creating a “job for every mom”, CARING MOMS is on a mission to empower and mobilize women through sustainable socio-economic programs and creating opportunities towards building a business of their very own— and this Health Carnival is just one of those ways.

For more information on CARING MOMS and partnership inquiries, message Support at m.me/caringmoms.my


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