Free Malaysia Today: Petaling Jaya, 20 May 2021

When Major Shera Ann Bosco of the Malaysian Armed Forces launched her CARING MOMS platform on Facebook in April 2016, little did she know that she would help connect thousands of women down the road.

What began as a means to get daycare help for her seven-year-old son, has now turned into an entrepreneurial platform that has connected about 48,000 mothers and women alike.

The retired Major never intended to establish one of Malaysia’s largest small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) platforms. Instead, she was solely focused on establishing herself in the army.

“Within three months of establishing CARING MOMS, we had a whopping 30,000 members and it kept growing. I realised that if I wanted to get serious with CARING MOMS, I had to leave my life in the military,” recalled the passionate 45-year-old, with 22 years of military service to her name.

Shera was then conflicted — if she continued her military career, she would be the only one who would benefit from it. But if she were to pursue her new project, hundreds would benefit from it.

Thus, when she retired from military service in 2018, Shera went all-in on her project and now leads CARING MOMS together with a 12-person team. The entrepreneurial development platform has since helped hundreds of women to achieve financial independence.

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“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many breadwinners to lose their jobs, face salary cuts as well as lose opportunities. But we kept motivating them to stay positive. After all, that is what entrepreneurship is all about — seeing a problem, turning it into an opportunity, and never giving up,” explained Shera.

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