Prioritizing Family Relationships: DobiQueen Launches #timetoreconnect Campaign in Collaboration with CARING MOMS – 20 June 2023

CARING MOMS Founder, Shera Ann Bosco, joined an esteemed panel of experts as a panelist at the official launch of DobiQueen Malaysia’s #timetoreconnect campaign. The campaign, supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and in partnership with ReKindle Therapy and CARING MOMS, aims to raise awareness about the energy and time demands of household chores and empower women to prioritize building strong family relationships.

In light of the ever-changing work landscape and the struggles faced by working women, DobiQueen Malaysia has taken a proactive step by launching the #timetoreconnect campaign. This initiative, supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, brings together industry experts and organizations such as CARING MOMS to address the challenges faced by women in managing their busy schedules and balancing family responsibilities.

Panelists - timereconnect campaign's media event
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Panelists – #timereconnect campaign’s media event


As a panelist at the campaign’s media event, Shera Ann Bosco, Founder of CARING MOMS, shared her insights and experiences regarding the societal expectations placed on women in relation to household chores. Her presence and expertise brought valuable perspectives to the discussion on empowering women to reclaim their time and pursue personal growth alongside their family responsibilities.

Highlighting the Importance of Shared Responsibility and Financial Independence:
During the panel discussion, the importance of shared responsibility within families was emphasized. Shera Ann Bosco emphasized the need to break free from the stereotype that house chores are solely a woman’s responsibility and advocated for a more equitable distribution of tasks among family members. Additionally, CARING MOMS’ focus on empowering women to become financially independent was highlighted, recognizing that financial autonomy enables women to have more control over their time and pursue their aspirations.

Collaborating with Brands and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development:
CARING MOMS, a social enterprise dedicated to economically empowering women, works closely with corporates and brands to curate programs and events that provide women with platforms to sell their products and services. By collaborating with DobiQueen, ReKindle Therapy, and other partners, CARING MOMS aims to bring more programs and initiatives to women, fostering their personal and professional growth. Shera Ann Bosco expressed her commitment to working with brands and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to further enhance opportunities for women’s financial empowerment and overall well-being.

#timetoreconnect: Part 1 The Invisible Phenomenon
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#timetoreconnect: Part 1 The Invisible Phenomenon


The #timetoreconnect campaign, spearheaded by DobiQueen Malaysia in collaboration with CARING MOMS and other esteemed partners, represents a significant step towards empowering women to prioritize building strong family relationships while managing their busy schedules. With Shera Ann Bosco’s valuable insights as a panelist, the discussion shed light on the challenges faced by women, the importance of shared responsibility, and the need to empower women through financial independence.

Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to creating an inclusive society, we can create an environment where women have the time, resources, and support to pursue personal growth and development alongside their family responsibilities. The #timetoreconnect campaign serves as a reminder to reassess our priorities, foster meaningful connections with our loved ones, and actively work towards a society that values the well-being and empowerment of all women.



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