In a recent meeting held at Menara PERKESO, Putrajaya, CARING MOMS, and PERKESO came together today to explore new possibilities for empowering women across Malaysia. The discussion centered around the CARING MOMS program, which aims to uplift women through entrepreneurship and economic independence.

A Unified Vision
The meeting highlighted a common vision shared by CARING MOMS and PERKESO—to empower women and improve their economic well-being. CARING MOMS introduced its program, designed to equip women with the skills and resources needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

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Program Highlights
The presentation featured key program elements:
Program Title: “Memperkasakan Wanita: Memperluaskan Usaha-Usaha Keusahawanan Bagi Meningkatkan Kesan Positif Terhadap Ekonomi Keluarga Madani.”
Target Audience: Women from diverse backgrounds seeking part-time business opportunities with a focus on economic sustainability.

A Collaboration for Progress
CARING MOMS expressed its commitment to working alongside PERKESO to ensure the program reaches women from all walks of life. The primary aim is to provide women with the necessary skills and resources to establish and sustain successful businesses.

Toward Financial Independence
The collaboration between CARING MOMS and PERKESO aims to create 50,000 job opportunities, particularly for women, promoting financial independence and overall well-being.

The Path Forward
The discussion at Menara PERKESO laid the groundwork for future collaboration between CARING MOMS and PERKESO. Both organizations are enthusiastic about the potential to positively impact women and their communities.

Looking Ahead
The meeting at Menara PERKESO marks a promising step toward women’s empowerment and economic independence in Malaysia. CARING MOMS and PERKESO continue to explore opportunities to create a brighter future for women, one empowered entrepreneur at a time. Stay tuned for updates on this inspiring partnership.


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