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Booth Registration for CARING MOMS DEEPAVALI BAZAAR 19th & 20th October 2019 @ SAMANEA Home Living Centre ( in Glo Damansara), TTDI

  • Every Booth will be provided with
    – Booth Size is 6ft x 8ft
    – 1 tables (size 2ft x 6ft) and 2 chairs
    – Table cloth with skirting
    (Electrical point is not included, it is optional)
  • The booth rental is
    For sellers with or without active ad link at caringmoms.my/adverts is
    A. ( Early Bird price ) RM 450 – BOOTH for INDIVIDUAL MOM
    B.( Early Bird price ) RM 550 – BOOTH SHARED (ONLY) BY 2 MOMS
  • After 05-September-2019 , the booth rental price is
    A. ( Angry Bird price ) RM 580 – BOOTH for INDIVIDUAL MOM
    B.( Angry Bird price ) RM 730 – BOOTH SHARED (ONLY) BY 2 MOMS
  • Please note corporate booth do not fall under this category, Corporate representatives, please register here: https://caringmoms.my/corporate-sponsors )
  • Site ad link: For sellers who have active ads, you may proceed to promote your booth once payment is done on the CARING MOMS FB GROUP. Those who have not subscribed for ads, you can promote on the event day, and post on the event page. If you wish to subscribe follow caringmoms.my/sellers .
  • If food, HAVE YOU TAKEN THE FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATION AND TYPHOID. (Sellers who are selected Must Display Both Certifications or else they will be removed from the bazaar) Kindly indicate if you already have these TWO certifications. If you have not, kindly register here caringmoms.my/events .
  • The event is bound by Terms and Conditions and Personal data Protection Act. which may change from time to time. It is responsibility of participant to ensure to have read and agreed to terms before completing this form and participating in the event.


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