House Rules for Christmas Bazaar 2023

House Rules for Setup

  1.  The Landlord may, from time to time, in its absolute discretion, make, amend, add to, cancel or suspend the Rules as they exist for the use, management, maintenance, safety, security, care of, cleanliness of or good order of the Demised Premises and/or the Mall.
  2. The Tenant shall adhere to and comply with all directives, rules and regulations issued by the Landlord, in particular the house rules of the Mall (the Tenant hereby acknowledges that it has been furnished a copy of the house rules of the Mall).
  3. These hours are subject to change at any time as rectified by the Management. Loading and unloading can be carried out ONLY at the loading areas designated by the Management.
  4. Deliveries to tenant premises via the Loading Bay through the loading lifts on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5.  Any request to use the loading bay beyond the stipulated hours will require prior notification and consent from, the Management. Notification must be made writing at least three (3) working days in advance.
  6. Any wet goods delivery must use tray trolley for hygiene / cleanliness purposes and to avoid any dripping.
  7. The Complex air conditioning is provided centrally throughout the building between hours of 10.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. daily
  8.  All additional costs and charges for the extra supply will be borne by the Tenant.
  9.  The Tenant shall comply with all laws which may be in force from time to time affecting the Demised Premises and/or the Complex and shall not do or suffer to be done or omitted any act matter or thing in on or respecting the Demised Premises which may contravene any law by-laws, statues, requirement which are now in force of which may hereafter be enacted from time to time of any competent authority and to indemnify the Landlord against all actions proceedings claims or demands which may be brought or made by reason of such statues or requirements or any default in compliance with them.
  10. The Tenant shall pay to Landlord the cost of any alternations additions and repairs to the Complex as required by any Law if their necessity has been caused by either the Tenant or the nature of the business carried on by the Tenant.
  11. The Tenant shall promptly comply with and observe at its own cost and expense all notices issued by any relevant Authority in respect of the Demised Premises (addressed to either the Tenant and/or the Landlord) and if there is any such notice received by the Tenant, the Tenant shall forthwith give a copy of the said notice to the Landlord upon the receipt of the same.
  12. The Tenant shall keep the Demised Premises with the presence of personnel and fully stocked but shall keep only such goods, wares and merchandise as the Tenant intends to offer for retail sale at or from the Demised Premises. At all times the Tenant shall be solely responsible for the security of all goods and belongings of the Tenant kept on the Demised Premises.
  13. The Tenant shall not burn any rubbish or garbage either in the Demised Premises, Mall or any part of the Common Properties under Landlord.
  14.  The Tenant shall promptly and hygienically dispose of all rubbish and garbage to the designated garbage disposal points indicate by Landlord and shall not allow to accumulate.
  15. The Tenant shall at all times ensure a free passage way in and around the Demised Premises, all trading and merchandising of goods is to be kept within your Demised Premises’ lease line. Obstruction of any common area with items such as boxes, furniture, goods, advertising standees, advertising panels and unwanted items (e.g. refuse / rubbish / empty carton / plastic bags) is strictly prohibited.
  16. Tenant shall not encroach onto any part of the Common Properties nor display and/or offer for sale goods beyond the frontage boundary nor place any plumbing, shades, awnings, canopies, window boxes, amplifiers or other devices or things of any kind whatsoever onto the exterior to the Premises unless otherwise permitted by the Landlord in writing.(c) The Management reserves the right to dispose any items encroaching onto common area or considered an obstruction at our discretion and any costs incurred will be charged to and borne by the tenant.
  17. The Tenant shall not write, drill, mark, paint on or in any way deface any wall, ceiling, floor, wood, stone, ironwork or fixture of the Demised Premises and/or the Mall unless permitted by this Agreement. The Demised Premises/or the Complex flooring also must be protected by a layer of floor cover e.g. canvas, plywood etc, to prevent damage to the floor.
  18. The Tenant shall not obstruct the Common Properties or access to the Mall and shall only operate vehicles or other means of transporting goods at such times and on such loading dock or loading platform designated by the Landlord for that purpose and for prompt loading and unloading.
  19. The Tenant shall not use either the Common Properties or car park of the Mall for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise or for any other business, occupation or undertaking and shall not in any manner obstruct or cause interference with free passage over them.


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