FAQ – Booth at CM Prosperity CNY Bazzar – 2020

Frequent Asked Questions: Booth registration of #CMPB2020

#CMPB2020: CARING MOMS Prosperity Bazaar 2020

1. Where do I get event updates?

2. How do I book a booth?
Booking link: https://caringmoms.my/shop/cm-events/xxxxxxxxx/

3. Is the Moms booth booking open for registered & non-registered sellers?
KUKU bird offer is only open to the first 30 sellers with active CM ad link at caringmoms.my/adverts. The link has to be active from today till 20th Feb 2020 to cover all events promo and after Engagement.

Early bird will be open from 30th Dec 2019 – 3rd January 2020 for Registered Sellers.

Angry Bird will be opened from 4th Jan -6th Jan 2020 for all sellers, Registered or non Registered.

(Message m.me/caringmoms.my for active ad link Registration)

4. Is there a pricing difference if I am a registered seller?
Yes, Registered sellers can apply for KUKUBIRD promo. Please ensure you have active ads link. No, it is the samprice Only registered sellers with active CM Ad link get to promote CM website, CM fb group and all other CM channels.

5. Can I opt for booth sharing?
Yes. Sharing is up to 2 sellers only.

6. Can I sell non-halal/non-muslim friendly products?
No alcohol and no pork is allowed during the event.

7. Can I change sharing partners after I have booked & paid?
Any changes required will result in an RM150 penalty

8. If I can’t make it for the event, can I request a refund?
No refunds on booth bookings. Option available is seller to find a replacement to take over. Changes of vendor change info are RM150.

9. Are electrical points provided for each booth?
No . Electrical points can be added for RM150 per point. No sharing of power points allowed. Using multiple electric types of equipment with a single point is not allowed.

10. Are all carnival vendors allowed to post on the FB group?
Nope only registered sellers with active ad links can promote on CM website, CM FB group and all other CM channels.

11. Can a registered seller partner with a non-registered seller?
Yes but this sharing is not allowed for the KUKUBIRD promo. Sellers can opt for Angry Bird Promo.

12. How do I choose or get my booth number?
Booth layout will be released prior to the event date via email, posting on the event page & our official Fb group. Booth will be allocated randomly and no changes will be allowed.

13. Must I attend the vendor Registration?

14. Can I send a representative for vendor registration?
No. Penalty of RM100 for non attendance and RM150 for asking representative to register.

15. Can I register during the event day?

16. Can I bring items not specified in my booth booking?
No. If you brought there will be a surcharge of RM150 per item.




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