This handbook acts as a guide to aid exhibitors’ planning for CARING MOMS CHINESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING FESTIVAL – 2018 (“EVENT” , “CM-CNYSF2018”). It contains vital information and details which will need your attention leading up to the EVENT. Please pay special attention to make the process of exhibiting hassle-free.

 However, if you do not find the information you require in this handbook, feel free to contact the Organiser directly.


All Exhibitors shall ensure that they and/or anyone assisting them, do not consume or distribute any cigarettes/vapes etc and/or alcohol within the exhibit area and/or venue. Exhibitors found in violation of this policy/regulation will risk penalties including immediate booth closure. 


Only light cooking is permitted in the exhibitors’ booth. Light cooking means no fire/fumes, minimal smoke and no unpleasant/oil smell. Any Exhibitor intending to do on site cooking shall obtain prior approval from the Organiser which shall be at the sole discretion of the Organiser. Note that smoke alarms are installed all over the venue. 

Exhibitors with Food containing pork or alcohol would need to clearly inform Organiser during the registration process. Such Food shall be placed only in zones designated by Organiser. Display and signage at the exhibitors’ booth must clearly indicate such items, example ‘Fruit Cake with Alcohol’, or ‘Pork Cutlets’.  



This section covers aspects of security and access. Please ensure all the relevant information are complied. 

  1. The event is open to Public. All personnel working in the exhibition halls are encouraged to wear CARING MOMS T-Shirts and badges to distinguish Exhibitors from the public.
  2. Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for the safety, care, control and well-being of the child/children who shall accompany/assist the Exhibitors at their respective Booths. The Organiser shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable for the safety, care, control and well-being of the said child/children nor shall the Organiser be obliged to provide any form of security or surveillance for the said child/children.
  3. Security guards of the venue will patrol the exhibition site/venue in general, but their duties shall not include specific attention to individual stands. Exhibitors are reminded to arrange for their own insurance coverage during the event as well as during the moving in/out period. Exhibitors are also reminded that they have to be particularly careful with light, portable and attractive exhibits after the close of the EVENT whilst loading and unloading to and from and within the confines of the EVENT area or venue.
  4. Exhibitors are reminded that their booths and Children should not be left unattended.
  5. Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for all their exhibits/items and/or belongings in transit to and from and within the confines of the EVENT area or venue. All Exhibitors’ items/belongings/exhibits shall be deemed to be under the Exhibitors’ custody and control at all times.
  6. Exhibitors have to ensure that there are no valuables left behind after the end of Day1 and/or Day 2 at the venue. Neither the Organiser nor the venue owner shall be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of items. Organiser may try to provide common storage facility, and if the Exhibitors choose to store their items/belongings/exhibits at the common storage area (if provided), they do so at their sole risk. The Organiser shall in no way be responsible or liable for the Exhibitors’ items/belongings/exhibits which are stored at the common storage area (if provided).


  1. iExhibitors shall be solely responsible for all loss or damage to property (including those belonging to other Exhibitors and persons) or any form of injury to persons, including but not limited to the child/children under their care during the course of the EVENT.
  2. All Exhibitors participating in the EVENT hereby covenants and agrees to and shall INDEMNIFY the Organiser and/or its employees/agents/volunteers against any and all claims of liability, damage or expense, whether directly or indirectly, arising from any injury to or death of any person or any loss of, damage to , or theft of any property, including but not limited to the Exhibitors’ property, arising out of or in any way connected with the Exhibitors’ participation in /during the EVENT.


The event is held at ground floor and there are 4 unloading/loading entrances/exits (Main Entrances). Exhibitors have to take extra care and not block the vehicles or impede flow of traffic at the Main Entrances. 

 All Exhibitors have to unload at all Main Entrances. Loading and unloading time would be from 7.30 am – 8.30am on Saturday, 3rd February 2018. After 8.30am all vehicles have to leave the unloading / loading area. All unloading or unloading activities have to stop by 8.30am.

The booths have to be cleared from 7.00 pm – 8.30pm on Sunday, 4th February 2018




  1. Exhibitors must ensure that all the belongings including any display units fittings have to be within the confines of their booth.
  2. No fitting, display or self-adhesive stickers/signs may be attached to any part of the exhibit area, and no item may be nailed, screwed, drilled or punched into the floor. If this instruction is ignored, the Organiser has the right to remove the items and charge the Exhibitor concerned for the damage caused.
  3. No devices, such as electricity cables, water/compressed air pipes and telephone lines inside or near the booth may be removed, cut or diverted without first obtaining the permission of the Organiser.
  4. No nailing, painting, wall papering or drilling will be allowed.
  5. Exhibitors have to ensure there are no scratches or damages of the floor or walls are caused by them / their representatives in the event venue. 


  1. Only the official / registered name of Exhibitors with CMCNYSF2018 will appear in the directional / information signage
  2. Area of booth for moms category is 6 feet x 8feet. Each booth will be provided with 1 x Table of size 2 feet x 6 feet (with tablecloth and skirting) & 2 x Chairs and shall be returned to the Organizer at the end of the EVENT.



  1. All Exhibitors’ materials and properties kept within the venue shall be at Exhibitors’ sole risk.
  2. All Exhibitors are required to store materials in an orderly manner to avoid any obstruction.
  3. All Exhibitors have to maintain the cleanliness of their exhibit area and surroundings at all times.
  4. At the end of the day, Exhibitors are responsible to remove all unwanted materials from the exhibit area and clean up their area.
  5. All unwanted materials needs to be disposed by the Exhibitors at the designated disposal unit at the mall (On ground floor – At Block C, behind Office Block).
  6. All Exhibitors must come prepared with sufficient and adequate garbage bags or bins to collect all the materials to be disposed generated from their respective booths. 


Venue: To be announced, It will be within Klang Valley and will be inform before the payment is made

 Exhibition Operating Hours

~ 3rd February 2018 (Saturday): 10.00am – 7.00pm

~ 4th February 2018 ( Sunday) : 10.00am – 7.00pm

 Please note that the Exhibitors are responsible to arrange for ALL the booth materials to be removed from the venue after the EVENT. The Organiser, Venue Owner and Official Contractor shall not be responsible for any loss of items. 


This section highlights the responsibilities of Exhibitors during and after the Exhibition. Exhibitors are required to observe and comply with these regulations. Should Exhibitors have any questions or require advice, do contact the Organiser for assistance. 


  1. Exhibition booths must be fully staffed and operational throughout the operating hours of the event. Booths and exhibits must not be dismantled or packed until the event has closed at 7pm on 4th February 2018.
  2. Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute flyers, brochures, any and all types of forms and or any promotional items all throughout the mall which includes entrances, public passageways, common areas or walkways of the mall. Distribution of approved flyers, brochures, any and all types of approved forms and or promotional items can only be done within the confines of your own booth area. Any promotional materialsor banners above 4 feet and if its blocking the view of other vendors, the organizer reserved the rights to remove or move the promotional materials.
  3. Certain areas of the event are essential to maintain low noise levels. The Organiser has the right to ask Exhibitors to lower or turn off the audio-visual equipment or machines should the noise levels exceed the acceptable level for neighbouring Exhibitors and Visitors to the EVENT.
  4. No person participating in the exhibition is to behave or act in a manner which may cause harm, injury or damage to other persons, exhibits, exhibition hall, properties and fixtures.
  5. All Exhibitors are advised to prepare payment receipts for issuance during the carnival to all the buyers from their booth.
  6. All Exhibitors must exercise professional and ethical best practices in honouring and delivering their products and services sold to customers in the CARING MOMS CHINESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING FESTIVAL – 2018. Any substantiated complaint against any Exhibitor received by the Organiser from customers or venue providers or Official Contractor shall be subject to heavy penalties and may be a determining factor for the Exhibitors’ future participation in any CARING MOMS EVENTS.
  7. The booth has to be operational with an Exhibitor or representative in the booth to address visitors for the whole day from 9.30am to 7pm. There will be RM 100 penalty that will be charged for Exhibitors who leave their booths empty or unattended. Organisers have the rights to close the booth for the next event day and these Exhibitors face potential barring from participation in future CARING MOMS EVENTS or other initiatives.
  8. Every booth has to be equipped with a disposal bin/bag to collect all the disposals that could be generated from the booth activities / sales. Plan the disposal bin as per the size of the activities / sales.
  9. It is highly recommended that all Exhibitors prepare for a SOLD OUT Even when the entire Exhibitors’ stocks are sold out, there should be some samples for visitors to see / touch / taste and to take pre-orders to ensure the visitors are happy to have visited your respective booths.
  10. Organiser shall not be responsible for any theft, injuries, damage to person, property or belongings.
  11. Booth site and allocation is discretionary and at the prerogative of the Organiser. No changes shall be allowed unless otherwise expressly allowed by the Organiser. Organiser reserves the right to cease any booth setup or change the location of the booth without the consent of the organiser.
  12. Organiser’s decisions on all matters/ issues related to the Exhibitors and booths including closure of booth for defaulters shall be FINAL and not subject to discussion or review.
  13. Organiser’s are not responsible in managing sharing arrangements between
  14. Any changes/amendments made to Exhibitors information once booths are approved are subject to administrative of RM100.




The Electric socket will be provided only to Exhibitors who have already registered and paid for electrical sockets in their booths. Exhibitors are advised not to overload the usage per point. Any power surge/trip will be subject to penalty and closure of booth. Exhibitors are informed to refrain from using the other electrical points at the venue. The Exhibitor and/or anyone assisting them who use the other electrical points at the venue shall be held directly responsible for any loss or damage to venue Electrical socket / circuitry. 

The official electrical contractor will manage electrical requirements for the Exhibition. 


  1. Certain areas of the event it is essential to maintain low noise levels.
  2. Exhibitors are permitted to bring their own audio-visual equipment, such as TVs and CD Players into the exhibition area. These must be placed inside the confines of your own booth area and must not be on walkways or any other common area.
  3. The Organiser has the right to ask Exhibitors to lower or turn off the audio-visual equipment or machines should the noise levels exceed the acceptable level for neighbouring Exhibitors and Visitors to the EVENT.
  4. Sound or light in any form or source will be classified under this and organizers reserve rights to stop the usage or remove from the event venue. 


  1. The Organiser may arrange for promotional activities such as Lucky Draws & etc. These can also be organised by individual Exhibitors within their booth, provided that the approval of the Organiser is first obtained.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to stop any promotional activity or evict any Exhibitor who contravenes this ruling.  


  1. CARING MOMS CHINESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING FESTIVAL – 2018Organiserhas the right to give privileges and preferences to the official Sponsors (if any).
  2. No Exhibitor is allowed to have any direct or indirect joint promotion with competitors of the official Sponsors (if any) at the EVENT without prior approval from the Organiser. 


  1. Kindly adhere to all the timings set by the organisers. This is to ensure the smooth running of the event throughout the both days. 

2nd February 2018,

12pm – 5pm – Vendor Registration/Basic Setup (No Overnight Security) (No Vendor/Exhibitors Registration Team available on any other days. Registration Team will be disbanded by

2nd February 2018, 8pm) 

            3rd February 2018,

700am – 830am – Loading and Setup. No more movement past 830am.

845am                – Photography Session (All Exhibitors)

900am              – All Exhibitors At Booth.

630pm              – Group Photography and Certificate Presentation Ceremony Day 1

730-800pm       – Exhibitors Clean Up Booth Area.


4th February 2018,

700am – 830am – Loading and Setup. No more movement past 830am.

845am              – Photography Session (All Vendors)

900am              – All Vendors At Booth.

630pm              – Group Photography and Certificate Presentation Ceremony Day 1

730-8pm           – Final Clean Up of Booth Area.

800pm              – Inspection by Organisers.



  1. i) The use of the Official CARING MOMS logo and the phrase CARING MOMS CHINESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING FESTIVAL – 2018 may be used in ALL MEDIA by officially registered CARING MOMS CHINESE NEW YEAR SHOPPING FESTIVAL – 2018 Exhibitors only. 
  1. ii) The Organiser may, due to unforeseen circumstances, require a change to either venue or date or both for the EVENT. All payments made by Exhibitors shall still be valid and entitle them for participation on the new date and/or at the new venue for the EVENT. The Organiser SHALL NOT REFUND payments made and shall not entertain any requests for such refund, whether verbal or otherwise. Exhibitors will be informed of any change via email provided during registration. 

iii) The Exhibitors hereby give CARING MOMS and their assigns, the right and permission to photograph, digitally record, videotape, or audio tape, the Exhibitors and/or their booths and further agree that any or all of the material recorded may be used, in any form, in publications, including electronic publications, or in audio-visual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, or in other similar ways, and that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit, or other compensation. All such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the sole property of CARING MOMS. 


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