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Published: January 5, 2024 (6 months ago)


*Q: Are The Maids Vaccinated*
A: Fully Vaccinated

*Q: How often do you self test Ur maid*
A: Every morning before they leave to customer house

*Q: How Much For 1 Maid ?*
A: Rm100For 1 Maid 4 Hours.

*Q: What Are The Options For Slot?*
A: Two Slots Per Day Morning And Afternoon Only.

*Q: What Time Will The Maid Arrive ?*
A: Morning Arrival In Between 7.00-8.00
Afternoon Arrival In Between 12.00-1.00

*Q: Can You Please Tell Me Exact Time Of Maid Arrival.*
A: Apology We Can’t As Traffic Is Not The Same Everyday.

*Q: Can I Have 2 Maids 2 Hours ?*
A: No , Min Is 1 Maid 4 Hours

*Q: What Are the options ? Can I take the maid more then 4 hours ? Maybe 5 hours?*
A: Two option only 4 hours or 8 hours no in between.

*Q: Any Discount If I Take Regularly?*
A: No , Flat Price.

*Q: Can The Maid Wait If I Am Not At The Location Yet?*
A: Yes Sure Can But Once The Maid Arrive The Time Will Start. It Means If The Maid Arrive At 12.15 – 4.15 She Will Leave.

*Q: Can You Please Arrange My Slot As Last Drop Off.*
A: Apology No As Our Drivers Have Fixed Routes And Schedules Everyday.

*Q: Can I get the same maid everytime I book?*
A: We only promise same maid on weekly basis booking. Same maid – same day – same time. Random dates of booking will be given maids which is available on the day.

*Q: Can I get receipt and invoice*
A: Yes you may request.

*Q: Who Are The Maids ?*
A: Indonesian Female.

*Q: Do You Provide Equipment Or Can You Provide If I Pay You More.*
A: Apology No We Don’t Provide At All Even If With Extra Payment We Don’t.

*Q: Can i change my appointment date?*
A: Yes you can with prior notice , 24 hours before ur appointment slot. Last minute changes or cancellation is not accepted , customer will have to bare the cost of service being cancelled. This is to secure our maids daily job.

*Q: If anything break at our place will you pay for it*
A: Apology No , Things like this we always advice our maids to avoid and be careful but sometimes things just go wrong.

*Q: I will deduct payment if your maid didn’t reach my expectations and didn’t manage to complete the work within the hours*
A: For your information you are not allowed to deduct any payment as we are providing you the service on the time promise. Work is supposed to be given which a person can complete within the hours and if you think the maid should reclean something.
Kindly tell her to re do.
Payment will still be taken full amount.

*Q: Open On Sunday or Public holidays?*
A: Evening Slot & Sunday Can Be Arrange But Min 2 Maids 4 Hours With Different Charges.

*Slot Will Only Be Confirmed Once Full Complete Address Is Given and Full Payment is made*

*Operating Hours*
Monday – Saturday 7.00am -5.00pm

*Location Covered*

Puchong , Oug , Kinrara , Puncak Jalil , Bukit Jalil , Old Klang Road , Subang Jaya , Kelana Jaya , Sunway , Usj , Petaling Jaya , Putra Heights.

*Payment Method*

*Alliance Bank*



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