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1. Rendang Ayam Cili Padi  [ Price: RM14 per pack ]

A little bit spicier than the usual rendang, made with lots of chilli padi. This rendang is cooked for at least 2 hours to achieve a well-balanced taste. Suitable to be eaten with plain white rice, flavored rice such as nasi minyak/ghee rice, and also ketupat or nasi impit.

2. Kuah Kacang [Price: RM 12.00 per pack]

Made with lots of kacang tanah (peanuts) and u can feel the texture of the kacang in every bite. This dish is cooked for at least 2 hours and has just the right amount of sweet, spicy, and savory taste to it. U can also add a little bit of hot water if you prefer it to be diluted a bit more. Usually eaten with satay or ketupat / nasi impit.

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