by Rachel
Published: December 16, 2021 (1 month ago)
1 包就搞定!节省时间!
*最适合锻炼前和锻炼后 🏋️🏃‍♀️🚴
Bye bye Chalky Yuuucky protein! No more cutting or peeling fruits.. Our “Blend It” or even ‘Shake it’ ready to go convenience in 1 bag bursting with flavorful freeze dried fruits and pea protein packed with organic superfood! Great for pre & post work, meal replacement or as ready to go breakfast for busy working mummies:

– Pea protein high quality, easily digested protein and rich in iron great for pre & post work – 36g in a bag
– Flavorful bursting with real freeze dried fruits bits
– High fiber content in oat bran assist in weight loss
– No artificial colouring or flavouring! No sugar! No Nasties!
– Other ingredients includes: Freeze dried banana powder, Freeze dried kale, Freeze dried pumpkin, Freeze dried strawberry, Freeze dried beetroot

5 flavors 三种不同口味 ( Matcha Maca, Pittaya Camu, Blue Spirulina, Mango Moringa & Acai Maqui)

* Organic Acai Maqui superfood load with anti-oxidants & aid sugar control
* Organic Matcha Maca with high anti-oxidant, boost brain function & sports performance and energy
* Organic Pittaya Camu reduces risk of diabetes and fight inflammation
* Organic Mango Moringa nourish the hair and skin, moringa has 7x more Vit-c than orange
* Organic Blue Spirulina Chia is highly nutritional, low-calorie food that contains a lot of nutrition in a small amount of powder especially good to the diet may help people lose weight without losing nutrition.

RM65/box盒 (10bags包)
Buy 2 box free 1 personal blender ( for first 50 customers only ) 买2盒免费搅拌机 ( 仅限前 50 位顾客)
Click the link below for more info / to order

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