by Asha
Published: July 10, 2020 (1 year ago)

I have a number of proven home remedies. Below is the list along with prices-

1. Masala Tea– benefits are

Anti-inflammatory , beats fatigue & helps in insomnia, fights cold & flu, improves digestion, boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation, prevents diabetes and relieves PMS

A. Spice mix for masala tea 50gm@ RM 18.00

B. Spice mix for masala tea 100gm @ RM 35.00

C. Masala teabags (25 teabags/pack)

Mild @ RM 18.00

Strong @ RM 23.00

Extra strong @ RM 28.00

2. Moringa Trio Tea – benefits are …

Helps with low energy and adrenal fatigue, Natural liver detox, Natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, Soothes joint pain, Fights free radicals, Protects cardiovascular system, Reduces diabetic symptoms, High in protein, vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium and iron.

30 teabags/ pack

Original @ RM 58.00/pack

With stevia @ RM 65.00/pack


My Hair Elixir & Skin Elixir are such multipurpose Ayurvedic remedies. It’s doesn’t do any overnight magic. Its works more as SLOW and STEADY WINS THE GAME.

📌 Its prepared by slow infusion of 17 organic herbs in a combination of 4 different types of virgin oils.
📌 it works by healing the scalp and nourishing the roots and prevents premature greying
📌 it is free of essential oils, so there is no risk of allergies
📌its great for skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Helps to stay away from skin ointments containing steroids.
📌 solves hair issues like- dandruff, hairfall, bald patches, thinning of hair, split ends, dull, dry and damaged hair and PREMATURE GREYING, stunted hair growth.

150ml @ RM 40.00 and
300 ml @ RM 70.00


SKIN ELIXIR is an ultimate solution for serious scalp inflammations like scalp psoriasis, dermatitis etc,. Its an ancient Ayurvedic preparation just like Hair Elixir

– 50ml @ RM 20.00

150ml @ RM 60.00

300ml @ RM 115.00

5. Henna Hair Colour –

Its 100% plant based mixture of henna leaves with various herbs to cover the greys temporarily. The herbs in it help to solve other issues related to hair like dull & damaged hair, hair fall, stunted hair growth etc.

📍Benefits of Using Henna Hair Dye

✓ Natural way to cover your grey hair

✓ Colors, conditions & improves manageability

✓ No chemical reactions

✓ Environmentally friendly

📍📍For best dye results, it is important to skip the conditioner before applying henna. Oils from conditioner create a barrier and prevent the dye from binding properly to the hair.Henna Hair Colours are:

Auburn: RM 30.00/pack

Brownish Auburn: RM 32.00/pack

Medium Brown : RM 35.00/pack

Dark Brown : RM 38.00/pack

*Henna hair colour intensity varies from person to person based on the hair type

6. Hair Shampoo – a shampoo made of coconut & palm enzymes along with liquid castile soap. Its enriched with magnesium oil for extra relaxation. It has no SLS, SLES, PARABEN, MINERAL OIL. Safe to be used by any age and gender.

7. Hair Detox – to be used as final rinse after washing hair. ACV and rosemary extract helps to remove the chemical residue build up from hair and returns that original shine of healthy hair. Helps to reduce the hairfall and dandruff too.

8. Hair Tonic – water based post wash treatment is made of herbal extracts, silk protein and some essential oils to nourish and repair the damaged hair. It’s a post wash treatment

9. Soft Curls – it’s a herbal hair styling and treatment product.

Reduces frizz and makes hair manageable. Makes hair super soft and sleek. Faster hair growth. Defines curls and waves.

Does not harden up like commercial hair gels. Reduces hair fall and makes hair naturally healthy and shiny.

10. Hair Concealer Stick – instant coverage for those grey roots visible in between. It’s available in 4 colours.

Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown and Blonde.

8. Mane Reviver – a rich blend of essential oils, pumpkin seeds oil, nettle leaf extract, horsetail grass extract, wheatgerm oil, argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil etc,. Its a powerful DHT blocker. Can be used before and after wash. Helps to regrow that lost hair and a few drops is more than enough.


150ml for RM40.00

300ml for RM70.00

Hair Tonic 100ml for RM60.00

Hair Shampoo 500ml for RM 49.00

Herbal henna hair colour (130gm)

Auburn @ RM 30.00/pack

Brownish Auburn @ RM 32.00/pack

Medium Brown @ RM 35.00/pack

Dark Brown for RM 38.00/pack

🌹HC Stick 6gm – RM15.00/each

🌹Hair Detox 300ml – RM25.00

🌹 Soft Curls 100ml – RM 35.00

🌹 Mane Reviver 50ml- RM 75.00



50ml for RM23.00

150ml for RM60.00

300ml for RM115.00


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