by Alaine Hah
Published: April 24, 2023 (8 months ago)

Hello to all CM members, my name is Alaine. I’m a qualified NO HANDS Transformational Touch Therapy Master. I offer the new and powerful Touch Therapy Massage from UK, it’s known as the deep but gentle giant massage. Why is it call this way? Because you can ask for the deep compression therapy but you won’t feel the pain but just deep relaxation with the releasing of all the aches and pain from your body. Do you like to feel the pain free body again?

If you love massage but don’t like the pain or ticklish feeling or you always feel the massage is not enough for your body to relieves the stress and tension of your body or it doesn’t releases the aches and pain from your body?

I love to welcome anyone who love massage or anyone who has got any aches and pain on their body or just feeling tired and drain physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally or spiritually please come and feel the latest and new approach of Massage Therapy from UK to re-energized your body again.

Signs You Need A Massage:
1. Stress out
2. Headaches /Migraines
3. Muscle pain /Tension
4. Feeling blue /Depressed
5. Feeling anxious /Anxiety
6. Doesn’t sleep well
7. Because you feel like it
8. If you feel any of the above!!!


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