by Vilasini Arumugam
Published: November 5, 2020 (4 weeks ago)

Hi everyone I would like to introduce

Mayil Spices, Mauritius Leading spices company for over 30years, now available in. Malaysia. Offering the most Finest, Authentic and Legendary Spices.

What’s Amazing about our spices?

Pure Vegetarian

100% pure & natural spices

No Preservative & Artificial colours

High grade premium spices imported globally

Finest Ingredients

Adoption of advanced formulation of food science & nutrition to serve highest nutrition & benefits.
We have fantastic range to choose from,

Here we present our Best Selling Products

Coriander Powder  50g  RM3.90

Turmeric Powder     50g  RM3.90

Black Pepper             75g  RM7.80

Appalam                   250g RM8.40

Curry paste               275g RM13.50



PM US NOW! Recreate your own irresistible dishes at home!


ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 22000 Certified

HACCP Certified

KKM Food Handling Certified

Typhoid Vaccine ✅

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