by Revathy Muniandy
Published: September 1, 2020 (4 weeks ago)



💥OH YES!!!
You get more energetic!
Cholesterol level drops!
Blood sugar level drops!
Regulates hormones!
Works magic on cramps!

Totally The BEST health supplement ONE COULD WISH FOR!!
An Ayurveda magic especially for womanhood
💥Tspoon women delight
Made of extra virgin coconut oil, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, pure honey and manjakani
Trusted product among many women.
– It helps to restore your beauty from within.
– Your skin complexion gets better.
– Also helps to improve the peristalsis movement along the digestive tract, hence improve Constipation.
– Coconut oil been used for centuries in Ayurveda practice to enhance the cardio health.
– manjakani (oak gall) used widely in Asian medicine, especially to regulate hormones in women, shrink the uterus of a mother after delivery, removes bad discharge and clears bad impurities from the uterus
– manjakani also used for awet muda

💥Tspoon Classic (blue label)
Good for male and female
Magical ingredients- extra virgin coconut oil, pure honey and organic Ceylon cinnamon
An ayurveda miracle packed in a conventional way for easy consumption. Your beloved husband needs the healthy attention too.

💥Normal price
RM 45/200ml

SAY GOODBYE to all infection only with one teaspoon of golden honey. Save yourself from the panic attack.

Golden honey, one of my first product that has been a great solution sought after by many.

The best immune booster, instant result if taken consistently.

Crafted carefully with organic turmeric, raw organic honey and dash of organic pepper.
💥 Normal Price
280ml – RM 75

To order simply ping me in messenger
Or whatsapp me at 0107607399

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