by Lai Fong
Published: February 24, 2020 (1 year ago)
George Town

Hi mummies, I am a mum and a pharmacist. Some of my top selling products in the past are Buds Baby, Baby Organix, Ebene, Omron, Moogoo and other top brands. As I operate a pharmacy, there are a wide amount of products I carry,but these are my best sellers on this platform in the past. I focus primarily on ensuring the quality of products I bring in are top quality and yet competitive in pricing. I am based in Penang, but we do courier down items and offer foc postage if you purchase above RM100

I am also very happy to give guidance on medications or vitamin counseling should you need to know what would suit you,your kids or family best. You may reach out to me on whatsapp  0124070492 or pm me directly on FB

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