by Li Ann
Published: May 17, 2023 (4 weeks ago)

My goal is to help children discover the joy of learning through play, and I’m excited to share my passion for play-based education with parents, caregivers, and educators alike. As a teacher and a mother of three children, I’m constantly searching for fun and educational activities that can keep my kids engaged and entertained while we’re out and about – whether it’s at a restaurant, on a flight, or during other outings. Unfortunately, many kids these days prefer to spend their time on screens rather than engaging in hands-on activities.

That’s why I created Learning Littles – a collection of reusable educational kits designed to make learning simple, engaging, and fun, no matter where you are. Each kit is carefully crafted and handmade with love. Besides that, all cards are printed and laminated to ensure they stand up to repeated use.
Don’t miss checking out the Matters that Matter section to find conversation cards for challenging but ever so important topics.

If you’re an educator interested in ordering Learning.Littles for your classroom, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a special price.

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