Published: October 29, 2021 (1 month ago)
Long post ahead!!
So here it goes!! Bare with me ya.
Hehehe 😍😁
Hie Ladies!! I’m Reet Gill
the founder of Maa’s Rasoi. Some might know me…🥰😍
A little bit about myself.. I am a full time working mom. I am an Asst. Project Manager in the construction field. Mother of 2 awesome boys!! And now a spice business entrepreneur!
Maa’s Rasoi is all about providing 100% premium quality products and handmade fresh herbs, spices and a variety of other products. I started Maa’s rasoi because, I have grown up watching my grandmother and mother cooking in the kitchen using fresh herbs and spices with their timeless recipes, creating mouthwatering dishes for us.
However, as time moved forward, everyone started focusing more on work, therefore to make things easier for the working class all these fresh herbs and spices end up being commercialized with addition of processing ingredients which stripped away their delicious flavors and smells. Therefore reminiscing my childhood I decided to bring back the quality and freshness and of a wide range of herbs, spices and a variety of other products using my grandmothers and mother’s recipes. with addition of some tweaks however, without compromising the flavor and richness that came with the original recipe.
All of my products are freshly made upon orders to ensure my customers receive the upmost freshness and quality of each batch. I assure you by using the wide range of products Maa’s Rasoi offers, you will keep coming back for more.
*Maa’s Rasoi*
We supply homemade and 100% organic products. Our current products are:
1- All kind of spices (Imported)
2- Homemade Pickles (All Kinds & Custom Made)
3- Homemade Steam Fruit Cake
4- Punjabi Cha / Punjabi Tea Spices (Mix Ingredients)
5- Masala Cha / Masala Tea Spices (Mix Ingredients)
6- Hand Ground Spices (Custom Made)
7- Choice of Spice Mixing (Custom Made)
8- Masala Milk Powder
9- Chicken Masala
10- Fish Masala
11- Garam Masala

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