by Iza
Published: September 9, 2020 (3 weeks ago)

Hi! I’m Iza – a working mom, mompreneur & the founder of Bubbles! 😁 I make Luxurious Natural Skincare products to feed your skin! ❤


Are you looking for a Natural Skincare that is gentle to your skin to combat:

✔ dark spots, pigmentation, aging spots
✔ dull/darker complexion esp after delivery/due to hormonal reason
✔ too oily/dry/sensitive skin
✔ anti-aging
✔ open pores with whiteheads & blackheads problems


Then this is the SOLUTION for YOU! 😍


With this, I’m very excited to introduce to you my BEST SELLING SKINCARE ~ my natural handmade products to feed your lovely skin 😍


Affordable and Effective right to your doorstep!


👉All the products are:
✔💯 Natural & Organic Ingredients
✔Animal Cruelty-Free
🚫 Nasties 🚫 Paraben 🚫 SLS


The reviews say it all. 🥰
✔️Apply these products daily and every 8-10 weeks you will see 1 – 2 shades lighter on those pigmentation/dark spots/uneven skin tone. Our skin usually regenerates every 21-28 days and it needs that long to reduce/brighten dark spots/pigmentation/overall complexion at a safe dosage.


👉Most Importantly:
🔹️Patch testing is a must before trying any new products.
🔹️Expires within 8 months once open, if kept well, it can even last you up to a year. Best to use them within 3months for maximum benefits.
🔹️Store the products at room temperature. Only for the Pink Clay Mask, store in the fridge for best results.

📩 Delivery::
Flat rate of RM8 (WM)


✔Detoxifies, Invigorates & Brightens your skin!
✔ Revives dull & dry skin
✔ Tightens & Refines your pores
✔ Clears whiteheads & blackheads
✔Improves complexion
✔Extracts pollutants and nasties
✔Refines & Smoothens wrinkles
✔Delivers extra insurance by counteracting from the Sun against UV rays (small percentage as it’s natural)
✔ Lightens & Diminishes the appearance of dark under-eyes circles, discolorations, dark pigmentation (from scars and age spots)


To browse Bubbles Luxurious Natural Handmade Products, see below:


❤Bubbles Product List❤



🔹️Brightening Strawberry Face Wash with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) & Strawberry Extract
30ml = RM38 | 50ml = RM60 | 60ml = RM70

🔹️Exfoliating AHA Toner (with Aloe Vera, Glycolic & Hyaluronic Acid, Juniper Berry Extract)
30ml = RM25 | 100ml = RM70 | 120ml = RM75

🔹️Brightening Facial Essence (with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3 ~ Niacinamide, Pomegranate extract)
30ml = RM50 | 50ml = RM75 | 60ml = RM85

🔹️Brightening Day Moisturizer (with Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C, Lemon Essential Oil & Extract) ~ for normal to dry skin
20g = RM35 | 50g = RM75

🔹️Rice Water Cream (with Hyaluronic Acid, Rice Extract, Allantoin) ~ for all skin type
30g = RM40 | 50g = RM60

🔹️Anti-Aging & Brightening Combo – Rose Night Moisturizer (with Jojoba Oil, Rose Geranium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 ~ Niacinamide, Rose Hip Oil, Rice Extract) ~ for all skin type
20g = RM40

🔹️Glow Fresh Pink Clay Mask (with French Rose Clay along with 8 other amazing ingredients)
50g = RM45 | 60g = RM50 | 100g = RM75

🔹️2in1 Whipped Face & Body Scrub
60g = RM35 | 150g = RM55 | 250g = RM85, 300g = RM95


🔸️Hyaluronic Acid Serum Range🔸️

🔆Dry to Normal Skin Type

🔹️️Brightening Rose Serum
(Made of Hyaluronic Acid with Rose Geranium, Vitamin B3 ~ Niacinamide, Pearl Extract)
30g = RM75 | 15ml = RM40

🔆Combination to Oily Skin Type

🔹️️Brightening Peacock Serum
(Made of Hyaluronic Acid with Basil Sage Mint EO, Vitamin B3 ~ Niacinamide & Witch Hazel)
30g = RM75 | 15ml = RM40

🔹️Silky Glow Violet Serum
(Made of Hyaluronic Acid with Basil Sage Mint EO, Witch Hazel & Zinc Oxide)
30g = RM70 | 15ml = RM37

👉Face Mist

🔹️Poreminish mist (Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Extract, Vitamin D)
10ml = RM11


👉Soap Bars (Pre-Order)

🔹Green Tea Gardenia Bar (Fresh Scent – ) Cold Process
Price for (+- 55g) = RM25

🔹YlangYlang Bar (Therapeutic Floral Scent ) Cold Process
Price for (+- 55g) = RM25

🔹Sweet Orange Soap Bar (Cold Process)
Price for (+- 55g) = RM30

🔹Rose Soap Bar (Three butter for oily skin)
Price for (+- 70g) = RM35


👉Balms & Gel

🔹️Wonder balm (Magical Healing Balm for any skin ailments)
50g = RM60

🔹️Vapor Rub (Chest Rub – good for flu/cold & cough, respiratory issues, nose blocked, minor headache)
50g = RM55

🔹️Spot treatment gel (for pigmentation)
10ml = RM28

🔹️LavenderMint Hibiscus ~ PAIN RELIEF gel
(Great for migraine, menstrual cramp, muscle cramp, stiff neck, any other aches)
30g = RM25 | 60g = RM49

👉Body Care

🔹️Whipped Body Butter
100ml = RM45

🔹️Solid lotion bar
15g = RM15

👉Lip Care

🔹️Lip balm
5g = RM18

🔹️Lip Scrub
15g = RM20

🔹️Lip Duo
Lip Balm & Lip Scrub


👉👉👉 I also do customization for sensitive skin type. To Order or know more, you may PM on FB or WhatsApp Iza at 012-322 9827.

Much Love ❤ Iza ~

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