by Jane
Published: November 6, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
Kuala Lumpur

Greetings from your dessert hub!

This is Jane your baker!

Cakes and cold dessert-I have more then 40 flavors of premium cafe like cakes to offer for you to Indulge on using finest ingredients. Oh did I forget we have 20+baked chessecake flavors to Indulge on,We have Eggless too

Speak to me on your budget and we can work things out for sure.Trust me‼️I am here to help you.

Vegetarian? We have a list of cake, cookies, and even our famous nyonya pineapple tart is EGGLESS!!!we are also coming up with more variety for vegetarians. Stay tune

FOOD SPREAD/Catering –I can help you with malay,western, Korean, and Italian of course with full set up up to 50 pax.

Doorgifts – let me know your budget I can get it done for you as low as RM1 too😁

Hamper – we have mini hamper as low as RM35-300 with all homemade products. Speak to me.

Promo-Weekly basis I do come up with either new Desserts or new combination of cakes at a very reasonable price, we also offer delivery to your doorstep at a fee.

Working mommas, i can help you prepare cookie dough and cooking paste for your convenience Worry no more. Fastest response is via whatsapp +60185777264 .

Transportation-if you ever need a last minute rescuers on delivering or picking up something I am your Runner too!

If you need a tutor/caretaker kids age from 2-14 it can be done too. Or you need a care taker to care for your kids till you are off for a date, hello me‼️

Have a blessed day ladies.

Jane Jay (FB Id) – you can search me on CM group too.

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