by Lina
Published: October 13, 2020 (3 weeks ago)

Good Morning you all!

Lina Yong here! CMCO is back tomorrow but rest assured, we have plenty of bakers and caterers here on cm to provide you breakfast – supper!

I’m a full time baker, fully trained in patisseries. I do all sorts of cakes and bakes, ranging from customise cakes, cafe style cakes, everyday tea time cakes and other bakes such as cookies, cupcakes, pies, quiches, and small finger food. I work independently without any help from my humble little kitchen that uses pork free utensils. My ingredients are all source from local ingredient shops such as city baker, pastry pro, House of ingredients and bake with yen.

Customisation packaging can be done to your requirement, such as gifts, full moon gift boxes, baby shower gifts, door gifts and etc. I’m just a call away, give me a ring and we can discuss about pastries and cakes for your next event.

My charges are based on design, but here are roughly what your expecting…

•No design cakes (cafe style) rm120 onwards

•Customise cakes (buttercream) rm180 onwards

•Customise Cakes (Fondant) rm250 onwards

•Simple Buttercream swirl Cupcakes rm4.50 each

•customise fondant cupcakes rm6.50 onwards

•bite size tarts rm2.50 onwards

*minimum order applies for cupcakes and tarts)

registered seller since November 2016 on CM!

KKM food handling course

typhoid injection

Pick up from Bandar Utama or delivery at extra charge depending on runners fare. Pm to discuss further 😊

Contact me at +60111 2818 747 to discuss further. 💕

*Attached below, (my little pony)… my very first cake order from CM back in November 2016. ❤️

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