by Venessa Ong
Published: August 19, 2019 (4 weeks ago)
Kuala Lumpur
  • Golden Eye PatchA special eye patch which is made from natural plant base with no preservatives, no alcohol and no added additive works wonder for our tired, tension, stress, tearly, dry, fatigue eyes…

    As we know, the most important organs in our sences are our eyes. We perceived more than 80% of all impression from our sight..so why not take a simple effort to take care of your eyes. An old quote i add here : Beauty is in the EYES of the beholder.

    Pampered yourself ladies, as we deserve more than that..its very therapeutic and yet restores, refresh, relieves our eyes.

    Price tiers are as follow..

    10pairs ( a small box) RM40
    30 pairs ( 3 small boxes) RM100
    100 pairs ( 1 big boxes) RM280

    With the order of a 100 pairs and above, It will alwys come with free gift or P&P..stay tune to our posting to knw the latest gift for a particular period !!!

    ( excludes delivery charge of RM7 )

    Hair dye Xi Xi Chai

    Real women are classy,
    strong, independant and loving.
    And one thing about them is they know they deserve better..

    For you women out there, yes all of you !! Dont be shy, open up …each of you are special and unique in your own way.. believe in yourself.. you can just bring out the confidence in you !!!

    Age is not a matter anymore…anyone can be beautiful..inside out

    Try out my *Hair Dye Xi Xi Chai* which is made from plant base with no additional additives. Specially made for your delicate skin and hair.. It comes in 3 colours
    • Black Per box RM56
    • Brown Per box RM61
    • Red Per box RM61
    Above price excludes delivery charges of RM7.

    Promotion : Purchase of 5 boxes at RM220 only.. exclude postal of RM10.

    It will not only enhances your beauty, but it helps to bring back the confidence in you… You know you deserve better right?

    Youmeco Grains

    Goat’s Milk is a unique source of milk. It is non-stimulating, non-toxic food, beneficial to internal organs, improve weak stomach and nourish hair and skin.

    They are not only high in nutritional value but also have gòod medical and health effects.

    1 box RM69 ( a box contain 20 small sachets with each 30g )

    2boxes RM138 ( free a pack of organic Oats)

    Thank you for your support Beautiful Ladies…

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