by Usha
Published: April 5, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
🌹🌺Here’s a collection that you must have in your fashion category.🌺🌹 🌹🌺Here’s a collection that you must have in your fashion category.🌺🌹
🌹Beautiful Assorted Bindi Booklets 🌹
Bindi booklets have so many colorful and attractive colors and designs where you can carry along with you anywhere anytime. 🎀 BE A BEAUTY WITH A BINDI🎀.
This booklet is a MUST have by everyone who loves to show the world she is pretty and beautiful because Bindi makes you more beautiful and attractive.
A beautiful collection that fits any modern and traditional outfits.
A great collection Bindi booklets that you should not miss out on.
📌 960 pcs in 1 booklet
📌 Assorted colors
📌 Assorted sizes (L-S)
📌 Material: Velvet, Cotton Sticker
📌 Hardcover Book

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